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          At OJS we take great pride in:

1. Offering top quality, environmentally friendly and safe janitorial supplies for the maintenance of industrial, commercial and residential properties.
2. Delivering convenient, reliable and highly professional service.
3. Meeting the expectations of each and every customer we have the privilege to serve.

At OJS we strive to meet the specific needs of your business or institution via our highly specialized programs: programs that give our clients access to the most advanced and effective cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment’s on the market at competitive prices. Interested in learning how OJS can help you?

 Boost productivity and reduce worker absenteeism
 Diminish your company’s risk of liability
 Improve the indoor air quality and sustainability of your facility/institution
 Lower your operational costs and increase your bottom line via The OJS 20% Savings Guarantee*

Then check out The OJS Difference. Provided by the manufacturer and subject to conditions.

Your Green Housekeeping LEEDS Certification Commercial Janitorial Supplier
Trusted Provider of Janitorial Supplies & Car Detailing Supplies in Newmarket, Oshawa and the GTA
Looking for quality janitorial and car detailing supplies in Newmarket, Oshawa and the GTA? Look no further.
Ontario Janitorial Supplies Inc. can help you obtain high quality janitorial car detailing supplies and great services for your residential, commercial and industrial property management care. It is an accredited supplier of janitorial supplies, cleaning equipments and car detailing supplies aiming to furnish clients with floor maintenance, odor control, washroom care and many other janitorial services in Newmarket, Ajax, Oshawa and the whole of GTA.

Our team of experts sell cutting-edge cleaning equipment for your janitorial and car detailing maintenance in Newmarket, Oshawa and The GTA. Such high conditioned cleaning equipment would include wet dry vacuum, auto scrubber, floor sweeper, swing machine, and other cleaning machines available for rent. At Ontario Janitorial Supplies Inc., we care about the environment and safety of your business, properties, and most importantly your family. What we would like to establish is an open communication, professionalism, honesty and superior customer service to make us your go-to cleaning, janitorial and car detailing supplier in all of GTA that includes areas like Brampton, Newmarket, Ajax, Oshawa and beyond.

We can make things possible for you regarding your company’s, improved indoor air quality to protect health and ward off harmful disease-causing substances. Also, your increased profit margin will be safeguarded as long as you come to us to eventually lower the cost of expensive cleaning supplies that other suppliers offer you. Our products are always the top choice of clients in Newmarket, Oshawa and The GTA, whose cleaning needs are always met with satisfying results. Many of our clients in the daycare, medical facility, food processing operations, industrial plants and other industrial segments in Newmarket, Oshawa and The GTA come to us to seek an excellent cleaning products.
Make us your No. 1 cleaning and car detailing supplier in Newmarket, Oshawa and other areas in The GTA; since for the past 15 years in the industry. The OJS program reflects our reputation as one of the best janitorial as well as car detailing supplier in the GTA that covers the Scarborough, Newmarket, Oshawa area and beyond. Hence, as a GTA supplier company with a programmed service, we professionally deal with clients in Newmarket, Oshawa and The GTA who are seeking a consistent pricing schedule, service protocol, on time delivery and a good reputation that is priceless and unfathomable.
Through Ontario Janitorial Supplies Inc. in conjunction with RMC and the LEEDS, EcoLogo green certification system, we can certify you as a Green Housekeeping supplier. We can also remedy the heavy cost of your car detailing and cleaning supplies. Our environmentally friendly cleaning, janitorial, car detailing supplies and quality services can add up to the marketability of your business with the overall cleaning satisfaction you deserve.
Call us today and discover why Ontario Janitorial Supplies Inc has been happily serving clients in Newmarket, Oshawa and the rest of the GTA area.

Then check out The OJS Difference.
* Provided by the manufacturer and subject to conditions.



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