Enviro Chem Tough Job Cleaner Degreaser


Certified Eco-LogoGreen Seal Certified

Enviro Care® Tough Job Cleaner is a heavy-duty liquid cleaner that’s strong enough for the most difficult cleaning tasks. This highly concentrated, versatile cleaning solution, will remove carbon and greasy residues from walls, floors, machinery or any other washable surface. Eco-Logo & Green seal certified, Enviro Care® Tough Job Cleaner excels at removing forklift tire marks and is perfect for fire and smoke damage clean up. This green product is usable as a “spray and wipe” cleaner, and for damp mopping, automatic scrubbing, hand cleaning or through high-pressure washers and steam cleaners. Enviro Care® Tough Job Cleaner may be used in cold tank soaking applications and will not discolor or harm aluminum. It performs at its peak as a carpet or upholstery pre-spotter, stain remover and traffic lane cleaner. Dilutes 2 to 4 oz per gallon.

Contains No Hazardous Ingredients,No Petroleum Distillates,No Glycol Ethers

No Alkalies, Non-Corrosive,VOC Compliant,Bio-based ingredients

NPE-Free,Fragrance Free (no added perfumes)
Available Packaging 4 x 4L