Enviro Chem Liqui-Bac, Deodorizer and Drain Cleaner & Pro-Watch Misting

 Odor Control Complete System

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Envrio Care Liqui-Bac Cleaner and Degreaser is a living, non-pathogenic bacteria treatment which breaks down and liquefies solids such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates and grease. Containing both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, this environmentally-safe cleaning product immediately neutralizes odors. The product continues to work after the initial clean-up by replacing colony fatalities, repeating the cycle, and sustaining a successful on-going drain or grease trap maintenance program.  Enviro Care liquid-Bac also eliminates animal and pet odor from carpets. Environmental & Safety Benefits ,Nontoxic (aquatic & human), Phosphate free,Biodegradable,Non-Corrosive, Contains no hazardous ingredients,No Glycol Ethers,Non-Alkaline,Made using renewable resources,Contains both aerobic and anaerobic

 CFIA accepted