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The Evolution of DPI Technology
SoftWash Systems is always innovating. Under the leadership of AC Lockyer we have been able to address the concerns of employers and softwashing professionals through education and business systems but also through the development of equipment that is easy to use, maintain and doesn't waste chemicals or other resources. That is where our Direct Positive Injection Technology (DPI) comes in.
DPI Technology is exclusive to SoftWash Systems and is not to be confused with downstream injection. Downstream injection or what pressure / power washers call "down streaming" is the use of a venturi style injector that draws a bit of chemical from a bucket into the power / pressure washer line as they pressure wash a building. Though more chemical can be drawn and applied by using a larger orifice tip in the pressure washing gun, this downstream injector becomes less and less effective and has less and less of a draw the further you move away from the power washer or the higher up you must go to clean the surface. Not to mention many of these injectors only operate at a 10 / 1 ratio which is not strong enough to softwash with.
Where our DPI Technology shines is that no matter how far away from your truck you go and no matter how high up you clean, our injector continuously operates at the same injection rate. Our DPI module injects Green Wash or any of our other chemicals dependably at one ounce of cleaner for every one gallon of softwashing solution. Then add to that our ability to exactly mix the correct bleach and water mix independently in the tank below the DPI module. This DPI technology keeps overuse of chemicals to a minimum over traditional one batching methods. (one batching is where all of the chemicals used in the cleaning are had mixed all at once in a single tank)
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