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 Though Softwashing utilizes standard garden hose pressure to rinse away mold, mildew algae, bugs nests and other stains from surfaces, sometimes the garden hose pressure is inadequate. Varying factors like poor city water pressure, on-site wells or inadequate plumbing remove the option of using a standard garden hose for post application rinsing of a surface. In conjunction with field testing from Softwash systems Pro-staff team we have found that this multi stage booster pump that accelerates its source water pressure by as much as 3 times the volume and pressure. These Packs may want to be coupled with a Buffer Tank Pack if the customer does not have a buffer tank currently.

*When the bulk rinse pump pack is combined with any of our buffer tanks we add a choice valve for either feeding direct from garden hose or choose to draw from a buffer tank. The pump design and intended use is to draw directly from a garden hose and performs well as a stand-alone pump.


1. Multi-stage 9 GPM 100 psi 110v AC Electric Pump.

2. 110v AC Electrical system with GFI breaker/plug.

3. 100psi pressure Switch.

4. Valve plumbing, Manifold & Carrying Base.

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