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 Softwashing is commonly a bleach and water based cleaning system. Where to buy and store the liquid bleach commonly becomes an issue for softwashing professionals. Often times the pursuit of a reliable source to purchase liquid bleach becomes a regular bothersome issue, stealing valuable cleaning time away from the softwashing pro. Powdered bleach (Calcium hypochlorite) can be easily purchased, shipped and stored in a residential environment or rental garage. Unlike liquid bleach, there are fewer special needs or considerations for storing Calcium hypochlorite.  The containers are completely air tight and do not degrade other items with gassinglike liquid bleach when stored. Breaking down this powdered bleach into a usable, liquid format can often times be difficult. This SoftWash systems Powdered Bleach Pack makes it easy for softwashing pro’s to make their own liquid bleach on-site without worry of transportation (DOT 119 gallon rule) or storage of standard liquid bleach.


1.       Three stage percolation / filtration system, canisters and inserts.

2.       Dedicated 7 gpm Agitation Pump.

3.       Send & Receive choice Valves, Plumbing & Brackets.

4.       Heavy-duty marine grade 12 volt electrical system and switch.

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