SoftWash Systems was born from the equipment, chemicals and systems AC Lockyer built while owning Mallard Systems and Terra Clean. The equipment or spraying system once known as the Mallard System was AC's adaptation of spraying equipment and technology found in the nursery he worked in for seven years. AC drew on his vocational degree in horticulture and built the first Mallard System in the fall of 1991, since then this revolutionary piece of equipment has gone through several evolutions.
The key foundation to this system is our proprietary cradle skid. This patent pending piece of equipment features a mounting cradle that allows the cradle skid to be mounted into a pick-up truck without adding additional holes to the inside of the truck bed. With the addition of a spray-in bed liner, this design helps keep water, overs pray and chemicals from seeping through your truck bed onto valuable vehicle systems and parts under the bed.
Today SoftWash Systems Generation III skids have features heads and shoulders 
This truck and system is not for sale but just to show what your system would look like.