The X5 is a de-mountable truck-mount Reach & Wash System. The tough, compact design can be installed and removed quickly and easily in any
commercial vehicle fitted with tie-down points in the load area. Ideal for exterior window, solar panel and façade cleaning, at any workplace were both mains water and electricity are available (a 3.5kw generator can also be used).
The X5 is available in both 240v and 110v options.
An hour’s meter is fitted so that filter life can be
monitored. Four filters are fitted to process mains
water into pure water for cleaning.
 1) Carbon Filter –Removes Chlorine, protects RO membrane.
2) 5 Micron Filter – Removes impurities larger
than 5 microns.
3) RO Filters-Mechanically filters water rejects up to 98% of remaining impurities.
4) DI Filter– Polishes water to zero parts
per million purity. In hard water areas an in-line water softener will also be recommended to remove harmful calcium. If not removed from the water
supply calcium causes poor performance and premature failure of
the RO filter membrane