The world's most advanced window cleaning system has arrived.The new Zero system can do things no other system can. With full automation and water purified to zero parts per Billion, the Zero really is the most advanced window cleaning system ever developed!

What makes the Zero Different?:The Zero™ Reach & Wash® system represents a leap forward in pure-water cleaning. With several unique technologies, it is simply the most advanced system available.The Zero™ will make the working lives of everyday window cleaners more efficient and more productive.

ULTRAVIOLET GERMICIDAL IRRADIATION (UVGI): UVGI is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet light at sufficiently short wavelength to kill microorganism. Within water treatment it is highly effective against water-bourne hazards such as the Legionella bacterium.

STANDARD FEATURES:The Zero Reach & Wash system is a revolution in pure-water cleaning, incorporating several newly developed technologies and many standard and optional features.

AUTOMATED FLUSH & REGEN CYCLE:The zero is designed to keep the RO membrane and other filters in the best condition possible by automatically flushing the RO membrane before each fill and regenerating water-softener filter at the end.

DIGITAL CONTROL:Auto- compensating digital flow control allows precise operation of the pumps. Simple operation and clear display makes setting and adjusting flow straightforward. When filling, the control panel also shows the status of the flush and regen cycle.

ZERO PARTS PER MILLION:Multi-stage water treatment with advance recirculation system produces water with purity of less than 1 part per millions TDS.The Zero PPB system has additional filtration which enables it to produce water a thousand times purer.

SPLIT – CHARGE RELAY:As well as a main charger, the Zero has a split-charge device. This maintains the system’s battery by actively monitoring and managing the charge available from the vehicle’s alternator.

TWIN PUMPS:The zero has, as standard, two independently controlled pumps allowing more than one pole to be used at the same time. This allows the options of several operations working from the same system.

REFILLABLE FILERS:Completely redesigned filter housings allow the filter media to be replaced without the need to replace the whole unit.The new filter housings are extremely robust with non – leaking John Guest fittings. Available with water tank ranges from 300 litres to 1000 litres 


Reach & Wash Zero System

Working Time 

Required                  Min  Max Payload 

300 Litre System   2 Hrs  5Hrs 685 Kg

400 Litre System   2.5Hrs  6Hrs 785 Kg

500 Litre System   3Hrs  8Hrs 1,000 Kg

600 Litre System   3.5Hrs   10Hrs 1,100 Kg

700 Litre System   4Hrs 11.5Hrs 1,200 Kg

800 Litre System   4.5Hrs 13.5Hrs 1,300 Kg

900 Litre System   5Hrs 15Hrs 1,400 Kg

1,000 Litre System 5.5Hrs 16.5Hrs 1,500 Kg