The GLYDER™ Pole

The Glyder is a best-selling pole for a simple reason; it is very rigid, lightweight and easy to use.

Full Carbon for Superb Rigidity

Lightweight and Durable

Short Collapsed Length of 1.99m

Residential or Commercial Head

Tougher and Stiffer "PLUS" version

The excellent rigidity makes the Glyder the pole of choice for cleaning at awkward angles, easily reaching over obstacles while remaining fully controllable. Like all Ionic poles, the Glyder is built to last, and the high-grade carbon fibre means the pole is extremely tough and robust.
The perfect balance between rigidity and lightness, the Glyder is the ideal pole for those who regularly work at 30-40 feet. Comfortable to use all day, every day. The "PLUS" version has even higher grade carbon, for better rigidity and toughness. 
All pole weights and lengths include the brush-head, pole hose and angle/crank/gooseneck

Glyder poles are fitted with residential heads as standard, but can be upgraded to commercial heads. 
(The commercial head adds approximately 260g to the pole weight)

Available Lengths (Reach)
Feet:25ft, 30ft, 35ft, 40ft 
Metres:7.6m, 9.1m, 10.7m, 21.2m

  • Collapsed Length:1.99m (6ft 2in)
  • Head Types: Residential/Commercial
  • BestSuited for:
    Residential work, 
    Low Rise Commercial w